A user-made bot helping link Reddit Public Access Network and Discord.

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RPANBot is the bot that connects the Reddit Public Access Network and Discord together.

The bot has a variety of features such as:

  • Stream Notifications - Get a message sent to a channel when certain users go live.
  • Stream Statistics - Get information on your broadcasts (such as unique viewers, current viewers, etc).
  • Top Broadcast - Get the current top broadcast on RPAN.
  • and more..
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Web Dashboard

The ability to easily configure the bot for your Discord guild.

RPANBot has a web dashboard that allows you to quickly change certain settings in the bot with ease.

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Open Source

The code behind RPANBot is open source under the Apache License.

You are free to help contribute to RPANBot, or otherwise just look through the code.

Please also feel free to request new features on the support guild or subreddit.

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