RPANBot Commands

Key: * = Optional Argument

Bot Prefix

The bot's default prefix is r!, but it can be customised, as shown here.

General Commands

r!help - View a list of all the bot's commands through Discord.

r!info - View some of the bot's statistics.

r!ping - View RPANBot's current latency.

r!contributors - View a list of the people who have helped make RPANBot. 😃

r!invite - Get a link to invite the bot to another guild.

r!website - Provides a link to the bot's website; here.

r!support - Get an invite link to the RPANBot Support Discord guild.

r!privacy - View information on what data RPANBot stores and where it is used.

r!contact (message) - Send a message to the bot's developers. Feedback is always welcome :)

RPAN Commands

r!topstream (*subreddit) - View the current top stream (optionally on a specific RPAN subreddit).

r!topstreams (*time_period) - View the top broadcasts from within a specified amount of time (defaultly a week).

r!streamstats (stream) - Get some statistics on an RPAN stream.

r!viewstream (username) - Find a user's last stream or currently live stream.

r!wiki - Some say that some treasures lay in the r/pan wiki. I wouldn't know though, as I haven't read it.

Management Commands

The commands to modify guild settings. You might find the web dashboard easier for changing settings.

Note: The bot will always use its mention as a prefix.

r!prefix set (prefix) - Set a custom bot prefix. This command will override any other custom prefixes you have set.

r!prefix add (prefix) - Add a custom bot prefix. You can have up to four custom prefixes that RPANBot will respond to.

r!prefix remove (prefix) - Remove a custom prefix. If you remove all custom prefixes then the bot will default back to r!.

r!prefix reset - Remove your custom prefixes and default back to r!.

Click here for a guide on setting up stream notifications.

r!streamnotifs - View a list of stream notification setting commands.

r!streamnotifs list - View all the setup stream notif channels on the current guild.

r!streamnotifs setup (channel) (*username) - Add a new stream notification channel. More names can be added/removed from it later.

r!streamnotifs select (channel/id) - Select a stream notification setting.

r!streamnotifs selected - View some information on the currently selected channel.

r!streamnotifs usernames - View all users added to the currently selected stream notification channel.

r!streamnotifs keywords - View a list of keyword filters on the currently select stream notification channel.

r!streamnotifs subreddits - View a list of subreddit filters on the currently select stream notification channel.

r!streamnotifs user add (keyword) - Add a user to receive notifications for (on the currently selected channel).

r!streamnotifs user remove (keyword) - Remove a user from the stream notifications for the currently selected channel.

r!streamnotifs subreddit add (subreddit) - Add a subreddit to the stream notifications requirement for this setting. Only streams broadcasted to these subreddits will be alerted.

r!streamnotifs subreddit remove (subreddit) - Remove a subreddit from the channel filter.

r!streamnotifs subreddit clear - Clear all subreddit filters. (default back to notifications for all RPAN subreddits)

r!streamnotifs keyword add (keyword) - Add a keyword filter for the current channel. (This is a word or phrase that is required in the title for a notification to be sent.)

r!streamnotifs keyword remove (keyword) - Remove a keyword filter from the currently selected channel.

r!streamnotifs keyword clear - Delete all added keyword filters.

r!streamnotifs settext (text) - Set some text that is sent with the stream notifications. Mentions can be included in this.

r!streamnotifs delete (*channel/id) - Delete a stream notification channel from the settings (if no id is specified, then the currently selected setting is deleted).

r!streamnotifs deleteall - Delete all of the stream notification settings for your guild. (Restricted to users with administrator permissions)