Quick Start

One page summary of how to add and configure RPANBot in your server.

Getting Started


Make sure you have Manage Server permission in the server you would like to invite RPANBot to.

Inviting RPANBot

Click on this link to invite RPANBot. If you aren't signed into Discord on the web, you will be asked to do so. Once signed in, you will be greeted with the page to add the bot to a server. Select a server, click Continue, review permissions then click Authorize and complete the Captcha. RPANBot should now be in your server.

By default, RPANBot should have enough permissions to operate effectively and make sure you don't get any permission-related errors. We strongly recommend against giving RPANBot administrator permissions in your server.

Setting up Permissions

By default, anyone can use any of RPANBot's commands with the exception of the stream notification config commands. If you would like to restrict who can use RPANBot's commands (or what channels users can use them in), head on over to Server Settings > Integrations from your server. Under the RPANBot app, you will see a list of RPANBot's commands. From here, you will be able to allow/block a user/role from using a command, or multiple commands. This also means that you can allow others to manage the stream notifications without giving them manage server.

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