Broadcast Notifications

Receive notifications to channels when a user goes live.

This can be setup through either commands or by using the bot's web dashboard.

There is also the ability to filter notifications by the title containing specific keywords.

You can set some custom text (which can include pings) to be sent with notifications per channel.

Use the r!streamnotif help command for more info on setting this up with commands.

Top Broadcast

View the current top broadcast on RPAN.

There is also the option to view the top stream on specific subreddits.

Usage: r!topstream (*optional* subreddit)

Top Broadcasts

View the top broadcasts of the day, week, month or year on each RPAN subreddit.

Usage: r!topstreams (*optional* time frame)

Broadcast Statistics

View some statistics on a currently live, or off the air, broadcast.

Usage: r!streamstats (link to stream)

Have any feature requests?

Feel free to suggest them on the bot's support guild, or contribute to the bot on GitHub.