This privacy policy applies to RPANBot#2469.

When does the bot store info?

By default, no data is stored. The only time data is stored is when a stream notification channel is setup.

What information does RPANBot store?

  • Broadcast Notification Settings (Guild ID, Channel ID, Webhook URL, Reddit usernames, subreddit names, custom text)

No message content or personal identifying information is stored.

What is the data used for/why do you need the data?

The data is used to power the broadcast notifications feature of the bot.

Where is the data stored?

The data is stored on a PostgreSQL database running in a Docker container on a server only accessible by an SSH key. A very small amount of people (as in, two) have full access to the server and the production data.

Is any data shared with anyone other than Discord?


When is data removed or how can I remove it?

You can delete your stream notifications settings using the /streamnotifs remove-all command which will effectively remove all the data for your server.

When the bot leaves or is removed from a server it will attempt to delete any settings it has stored for that server.

Alternatively, you can contact the developers by using the support server (you can get an invite with /about), by sending b1uejay27#5141 (554807126174990349) or t0m094#8531 (269139473198088192) a direct message through Discord, or by sending an email to [email protected], requesting that any settings for your server be deleted.

Is this policy prone to change?

This policy may need to change with the integration of new features into RPANBot.

Effective Date: 30th May 2022